Monday, April 20, 2009

Mixed Medium w/Dots

Many an artist uses the lowly dot to convey a feeling or meaning and the reasons and mediums are as diverse as the artists themselves. Some make it a life long career while others experiment, dabble and move on. Rarely using dots in her oeuvre and restricting herself to black and red (the colors of bookkeeping), these dots have an important role in her mixed medium pieces that also incorporate collage and thread.

Tsilli Pines' series, titled The Figures, "is about the topography of money in human consciousness, the constant parade of numbers in everyday life".* Quite apropos for our current situation. A review at ArtLtd expands a bit more on this theme.

There are many, varied artistic endeavors exhibited on her Website, but this series is by far the most cohesive and promising. Simple, elegant and meaningful; I hope she produces more work like this.
Top image; "Missing Assets", 10" X 17"

Bottom Image; "Compounding", 21" X 17"

* Quote from her Artist's Statement.
Both images are from her Web Site.

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