Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Painting FAST

Once upon a time, there were no car seats for children. It was a wonderful time when your parents would let you lie down in the back window. You could play with some toys, but usually you would just be quiet and relax on your back. I have many a fond memory of looking up at the sky and enjoying the ride as the trees sped by.
Peter Berndt has a rather unique style of painting that taps into some of those memories. In a few of his works he quite beautifully captures that blurred feeling of speeding along the road. In others, we're shown the vibrant shapes and colors like you would you see when you're not focusing on anything in particular. His paintings are quite mood inducing and rekindle the kind of magic that we used to sense as children.

The bottom image is from and he's represented by the Verein Berliner Kunstler. He's in a group exhibition at the Berlinische Galerie till the end of August. They've used a very iconic Image to advertise the show.

The small image is from Zeit meines Lebens.


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