Wednesday, April 22, 2009

. . . To The Music


Isn't it fascinating to see the difference between the top piece from 2001 and her current work, below, from 2007 ? Both images are from the Golden Foundation.
Most of Theresa Chong's current work is black or white dots on a reverse background and a first encounter might convince the viewer that they're looking at star charts. Closer inspection reveals that there is more going on here and in the lighter pieces it's easier to get a handle on what she's doing. Rhythm and staccato permeate her work, which reflects the learning and playing of music.

She's represented by several galleries and you really should see her darker works, of which Art Projects International has some very good examples.
Danese Gallery has a small selection of light and dark work and Exhibition Views from 2003.
You can visit her Website to see a full range of her work from 1999 to 2008.


Al said...

She reminds me of Ulfert Wilke, but more delicate.

tackad said...

At first I was surprised by your comment - but I see what you mean.