Friday, June 26, 2009

Meaningful Geo-Abstracts


How could you not like the Geo-abstracts of Sarah Morris ? Described as using "the formal language of Pop Art and Minimalism"* and at other times called constructivist, her paintings are clean, bright, attractive and they induce contemplation. What was a real treat was coming across a video of her explaining the concept behind the paintings in her current Exhibition at MAMbo Museo in Bologna. She's also being featured at the MMk, Frankfort Show, "Yellow and Green".

There's a lot more thought that goes into these works than just where to put the next line and which color. Her oeuvre includes film making and actually the films inform the paintings. Upon further reading you come to understand the importance of the color schemes and architecture of the paintings in each particular show.

The image below is of two of her "Pool" paintings that I found quite fascinating, both in the concept and the subliminal images that these works conjure. (Titles are so amazing in how they guide the mind.)

A painting from her "Pool" series sold at auction for $70,000 in 2007

She's represented by Friedrich Petzel and you can see how her work has matured in the four different Exhibitions since '99.

She's also represented by Barbara Krakow Gallery.

To round out the train of thought about the development of her paintings and films, go Here.

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