Sunday, June 07, 2009

Minimal Abstracts With Writing

Works by George Vergette need to be experienced in person, to fully appreciate his oeuvre. The layers of resin give a depth that can't possibly translate in photographs. There's a wonderful atmosphere and dream like quality to these paintings that have spare words or phrases floating within.

This image is from the Third Avenue Gallery where you'll find an interesting sampling of his work. Gallery Jones has mostly darker works and the Tartar Gallery has several white works which I'd like to see in person.

One of my favorite pieces is a resin enamel, graphite and acrylic on photograph mounted on paper in a group exhibition at the Art House. ( There is a group of blank cubes to the right of the picture that represent thumbnails - his is the bottom right.)

This image, from a review of his exhibit last year at Galerie Trois Points, by The Belgo Report, shows the highly reflective glossy surface and the smokey, mysterious atmosphere within some of his paintings.


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