Monday, June 22, 2009

Stretched, Abstract Pointillism

Artists who find and steadfastly pursue a niche oeuvre, have my admiration. To me it's similar to a scientist tracking down all the answers to a particular question: and the results sure are pretty.

These two works by Susan Dory are 2 years apart. The top image is from her Exhibition at Winston Wachter in Oct/Nov '08, where they do an excellent job of explaining what she does.

This image, "Pearmaintune" 2006 (acrylic, graphite on canvas over panel54 x 60 inches) is from her Website.

I've been coming across the terms repetition and accumulation lately, which is absolutely true; but I can't help but see these works as another form of pointillism. I say that because the picture has been broken down into bits or brush stroke type units. Even though these many artists are conjuring their works with new ideas in mind, I can't help but think that Pointillism was a much bigger idea with more far reaching consequences than we thought.

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