Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lovely Lines

Another artist who's re inspired me about certain aspects of my own oeuvre is Charles Christopher Hill. Whether he's doing dots, lines or spirals in his signature color of red or black, it's his process that give these works their specialness.
The following quote from the press release for his "new paintings: Dots to die for" Exhibit at Rocket Gallery gives much insight into that process. "The paintings are built- up of multiple layers of acrylic paint -yellow, orange, red, green and black applied in random order - and endless layers of clear acrylic 'medium'."
Here, you can view installation shots of his 2008/09 Exhibit at Rocket or click the link to see the quoted, 2004 Exhibit.
You can visit his Website to see an over-view of his work.
He's also represented by and you'll find additional images at Greenfield Sacks Gallery. If you're interested in seeing really huge images of his work, visit their page at FADA.
His lines paintings are especially appealing to me. There seems to be a vibrating, undulating "life" to them. It'd be wonderful to see these in person.

Top image is from his page at facebook.
Bottom image is from a Google search. The landing page looks like his site, but you can't actually find this particular image AT his site . . .

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