Monday, August 31, 2009

Sewing Pattern Paintings

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There are 89 art destinations in my Google Reader and another 34 that I visit weekly or monthly. Researching an artist that captures my attention leads to yet more artists and Web sites. You might say that on a daily basis I see a whole lot of art. There's a general flow to all of this with it's high and low points. But sometimes I'll come across something that spins me around.
John Westmark uses acrylic and paper sewing patterns on canvas to show us once again that painting never was dead. He takes this simple and innovative concept seriously and does it well.

This image is from Art Opportunity Monthly.

You can visit his Website and the Galleries that represent him to see more of his work.

The image below, is from the J Costello Gallery. They have 17 images.

A.S. Gallery has 8 images - 2 of which are different.

And you can check out the 5 images at Chicago Art Source to see if you missed any.

You'll really enjoy visiting ArtQuiver. They give you a 3-D experience that allows you to see the actual size of the works in a virtual gallery setting.

And lastly, check out this one, totally different work at Gallery Bienvenu..

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