Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crayon Pointillism


I tend to read between the lines when reading Artists Statements. It's a shame that so many artists try to impress us with the worth of their work by filling their Statements with intellibabble and hyperbole. But regardless of all that, you can still tell a lot about their personality, depth of intelligence and style of commitment. It's a minority of artists who concisely and honestly explain the what and why of their oeuvre.
All of that was said to explain why I was just blown away when I visited the Website of Christian Faur.

A physicist by training and computer technologist by profession would seem like an odd direction to come from. A short piece by the Newark Advocate helps fill in a few blanks. He's quite an artist though, as you'll see when you visit his Website. There are the Oil paintings that are quite somber in mood, works in fabric and fiber and conceptual work which includes a color alphabet. But what really got me fired up were his encaustic works (above) and the wax crayon pieces, below. I won't waste your time with descriptions; you really must see these works made from hand-crafted wax crayons, for yourself. These pointillist crayon works are much more than a pleasant novelty.

You'll want to give yourself plenty of time to peruse all his work. There are some truly great concepts here and it takes a while to fully comprehend the level of intelligence and commitment that he's brought to his oeuvre.

He's also represented by the Sherrie Gallerie.

Top Image from blog Makezine

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