Sunday, May 24, 2009

Everyday Life In Oil.

I just spent the last hour or so going back through all the posts of re-title features, when I came across this wonderful work by Kate Waters from her show at Galerie Voss back in October/November of '08. Normal Realism is a rare thing indeed in this day and age. If it's torn, broken, dirty, shabby, messed-up, unfinished; in other words, if it's anything other than a good clean realistic painting, they'll sing it's praises. In general, it seems that straight-up realism is snubbed in the contemporary art scene. And that's a shame.

In my mind this painting works just as well as anything done by the old masters. The composition draws you in, there's a story here, you've got your drama and great contrasts and even though in shadow, you can see exactly where the man's eyes are focused.
I think that in everything there is a certain amount of evolution and painting too has evolved through the many "schools" or periods. But it is so refreshing to know that there are still many artists who faithfully paint the real world we live in and do their craft so well.
When you visit her page at Galerie Voss, you'll notice she has three sets of paintings. The painting above, is from set 1. In set 2 you'll find a very interesting variation of this same composition. What's great fun is her paintings of people in museums standing in front of great, huge, historical paintings. Here and here. So not only is she painting what looks like a photograph, but she's also repainting the historical paintings. I don't know if that's ironic or just plain humorous.
Either way, it's refreshing to see everyday life captured honestly in paint.

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