Monday, May 11, 2009

From Calligraphy To Architecture

Calligraphy has always been an integral part of Art in the old world; and by that I mean the REAL old world, which is the eastern side of this planet. It's a pleasure to see these artists who've been so influenced by that Art History, adapt and make new contemporary works. You don't need to be able to read the script to enjoy this abstract calligraphy painting by Siah Armajani. Titled, "Sealed Letter", 1964 (acrylic, ink, string and sealing wax) it's in the Grey Art Gallery Collection, where you'll find his bio.

What's especially fascinating about Siah is that he turned to architecture. He also now makes what could be described as archisculpture. It's a shocking juxtaposition to see his 2D visual works from the late fifties and the current archisculptures; both at Max Protech. Very fascinating.

Any image search will give you plenty of visual results for his architecture and sculptural endeavours, but little text to explain the change. The link for his Bio at the Grey Art Collection does provide a few clues.

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