Thursday, October 22, 2009

Careful Contemporary Painting

If you're unaware of the work of Tomma Abts, it's high time you did some remedial work in your contemporary art studies; she commands a very special niche in our Art World.

But if you're like me you've seen and admired her work before and are amazed at how she just keeps on doing her very special, quality thing. The following quote is from a post in Horses Think, about her Show at the New Museum in '08. quote "I develop something without any preconceptions of what it is going to look like, so, to give it a meaning and sense of self-evidence, I try to define the forms precisely. They become, through the shadows, texture, etc., quite physical and therefore “real” and not an image of something else. The forms don’t stand for anything else, they don’t symbolize anything or describe anything outside of painting. They represent themselves."
-Tomma Abts in conversation with Peter Doig from 2004. unquote

Both images are from a Post in Contemporary Art Daily about her current Show at Giti Nourbakhsch. She's represented by David Zwirner Gallery and you'll find tons of images from her Exhibits at GreenGrassi from 2006 and earlier.

And for your convenience here are Image Search results from;
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Rebecca said...

These artworks are so nice compositionally. Thank you for reminding me about the work.