Sunday, October 18, 2009

Confectionery Pointillism

You'd be hard-pressed to find paintings as delicious looking, intriguing and intellectually stimulating as these, by Farhad Moshiri. There are many diverse facets to his oeuvre, including calligraphy, but this particular style of his knocks me off my feet. He actually uses a piping tool to make the Hershey Kiss-like pieces of paint and then applies them to the canvas. It's amazing how the background image of a wedding cake lends itself and becomes part of the whole. This image is from his Show, Blender at the Sorry We're Closed Gallery, about this time last year. He's represented by the Galerie Emmanual Perrotin where you'll find 59 images all together, which presents a good overview of his work. The concise press release for his Show there - Silly You Silly Me, starting the 22nd, gives us more clues as to what he's about.
He's also represented by Kashya Hildebrand. Be sure to read his Profile.

The piece below, Lot #314 titled "Cowboy and Indian (in 2 parts)" just sold for $628,261(Premium) at Sotheby's London Contemporary Art Including Arab & Iranian Art on Friday. (page 20)

Watch Sotheby's Private View Video Here, where they tell the fascinating story behind the painting and go in real close to show the handy work. You really must see this large to fully appreciate it.


Margaret Ryall said...

How do you find these artists? Who would think of making art with a cake decorator? The blend of kitch and social/cultural commentary is very effective. It would be so easy to overlook this art when you are first presented with it.

I enjoyed seeing the video and a commentary on his work. Another favourite artist of mine, Mona Hatoum, whose work I've followed for years, was also highlighted.
I hadn't come across this video source before. Dean, your blog is keeping me away from my own art!

tackad said...

Ha ha, sometimes that's a good thing - taking a break from our own art to consider and study what others have done.