Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blooming Sansevieria

Snake Plant, Sword Plant and Mother-In-Law's Tongue are all common monikers for the Sansevieria but few people know it blooms; much less smell like an Easter Flower.

(The flower stalk is just left of center - click images to enlarge.)

I was going through many of my photo albums this evening, looking for images of recent paintings that I could exhibit and came across these pictures of my sword plant. Deciding it would make for an interesting addition to the landscaping, I planted it outside for the summer. Later that summer a closer look revealed that it was blooming. The buds remind you of little bananas and there are small droplets of sap or nectar on the stems. When the blossoms pop open they look like tiny fireworks and have the loveliest smell. Each of the Easter Flowers that we love have a distinct and sweet smell and this is just one more. It soon starts fading though and you catch yourself burying your nose in the blooms for any last whiff of that intoxicating perfume.

This hardy little plant-that-could will sometimes take such abuse and just keep on going. It can go unwatered and in bad lighting and hold it's own. It's striking presence fits any decor and to see one bloom is quite a treat.


Barbara J Carter said...

The one I have growing in my kitchen window bloomed a couple months ago. I didn't even know the things flowered. I decided the flowers meant it was really happy. Given the number of houseplants I've killed over the years, that made me feel really good. Like I'm finally doing something right.

tackad said...

I completely identify with your feelings. It's always so nice when a plant lets you know it's happy.
On the other hand there are plants that have made up their mind to die the minute they come through the door and no amount of anything will convince them otherwise.

Margaret Ryall said...

You have one up on the person who prides herself with knowledge of the plant world. I have never seen a snake plant bloom. Lovely information.