Saturday, December 26, 2009

First Masterpiece

It's a pretty neat story, actually; I had moved to Georgia, gotten a job and after staying with friends for a while, got my own place. Hopped on the old bicycle to check out my new neighborhood and around the corner was this dumpy ole shop/warehouse. That's how I met Dieter and believe me, there are plenty of other great stories to tell too. I popped in - introductions - and then he got back to work and I suddenly felt creative.

I found this piece of paper and started rummaging through a huge stack of magazines to find these pieces of collage and just threw this thing together. Where the silver and gold came from, I have no idea.
Titled "Torn Between The Sun and The Moon", it doesn't take a PHD to see the psychology here. The background is a graphite rubbing of his worktable and the blue circle and lines are tracings of rough events that happened on/to that table. I would say with out a doubt that this was my finest work - completely thrown together with no preconceived idea; a spur-of-the-moment masterpiece of great import.

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