Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Lines, Dots, Flowers & Stripes



You need to experience the ever evolving oeuvre of Thierry Feuz for yourself. Just one or two images doesn't do him justice nor does it begin to relate how he feels about color and form. In the top image from his interview at DE51GN, we're not sure if what we're seeing is micro or macro. There's plenty of line, gesture, color and contrast in this lacquer and acrylic on canvas from his Gulfstream Series and it reels us in and causes us to ponder. Although it makes so much sense, you'll be surprised by the different directions he chooses to explore. Visit his Website where he's divided his work into 6 categories or Series. And reading the interview/reviews at these 3 Links from his site gives insight into his personality and work.

He's represented by Limn Art Gallery, with images from his exhibition.

Six images at Une Gallery.

And Kashyahildebrand New York has some installation shots of his stripe paintings.

Top image from DE51GN.
Bottom image from Limn Art Gallery.


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