Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Lines In The Sand


It's been a wonderful Thanksgiving and Scrubs is about to come on, so I won't try, nor do I need to wax eloquent about the fascinating ephemeral work of Jim Denevan. Quite simply he draws in the sand at low tide. The works are simple, huge and usually geometrical.

Both images are from, and please do visit his Website to see more.

Additional images can be found on Google Images and others still, on Yahoo Images.


Margaret Ryall said...

These are beautiful and so temporary they make me ache. It's hard to imagine all the work will be simply washed away by the constant movement of water. It puts life in perspective.

tackad said...

Yes, it would be great if they could laast for a while. There's something so honset about these works. And even though they are big and grand, they're just as vulnerable as our own sand castles.

Revad said...

We had a TV art series over here in the UK called Artland USA where we saw Denevan at work. My impression was that he often didn't bother to get up high and look at the outcome and that - to him - everything was in the making. The process was very meditative, as was the viewing of it.

tackad said...

That's amazing to think that he'd never see the finished work as others do . . . .