Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wrapping-up Christmas

Here's a short, funny Christmas story for you;
When I was in my teens it was all about gourmet this and genuine that and I was enthralled with the life of high society and everything hoiti-toiti. And my very special Christmas presents had to be fitfully wrapped; everything was very high class. Fast forward 40 years and now I try to get gifts that are fun and are Christmas-morning-memorable for under $20; which makes the shopping fun for me. I then wrap these treasures in newspaper, choosing pics(ads) that bring a smile or contain a sly joke and then simply write their name and apply a bow.

(Click pic to enlarge)

The gift in the front that says LIFE, is for Carol, my brother's wife and in the bottom right corner is a picture of a many layered cake. I wrapped it so the other section of the paper with the recipe is on the back and easily saved. Instead of the usual "oh isn't that pretty" about the gift wrap, the conversations go in other fun directions. So once I hand them their gifts and they have a little chuckle, it's rip & tear time with no compunction.