Monday, March 02, 2009

Artistic Doodling


William Saroyan is better know as a prolific playwright and novelist, but more and more, people are coming to recognize and appreciate his work as an Abstract Expressionist.
The stories about him and how he went about painting these works are both fascinating and inspiring. Using watercolors, he'd create these in a flurry of activity; sometimes to relax and at other times he would draw even while speaking with friends. Go Here for those stories - a great read. The photo to the right (clickable) is from the Centennial Celebration Site. You can visit the Anita Shapolski Gallery, where you'll find a bio and more images of his work.

The top image especially, appeals to me. Titled "Rain In My Childhood" (May 12, 1963 NYC), it really does convey the feeling of rain and once again I'm impressed that someone made a career of making beautiful paintings by using nothing more than the simple gestures we use for writing. That image is from the where you'll find 16 clickable images and something a bit unusual at the bottom of their page.

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