Monday, March 09, 2009

Organizing Chaos


Honestly, the work of Pierre Imhof makes me think of pointillism.
The original Pointillists quite specifically wanted to break down the composition into it's smallest parts and let the viewer's eye blend the colors to enjoy the tableau. Postmodern Pointillists have found many more reasons to either tear the picture apart or present us with puzzle pieces or just simply celebrate the dots/marks of color for their own sake. So I think the work of Imhof is quite relevant to this widened territory of a fractured picture plane. It's as though we've gone deeper into this space and can now see the full personality of all those dot/points and the space between; rather like the effect of using a stronger microscope. There's nothing in any of the material about him to suggest that this is the case though; his oeuvre is more about the juxtaposition between chaos and order.

Although I did manage to find eleven examples of his work at Artnet, it's almost as if Pierre is hermetically sealed within his representing gallery. But Broadbent Gallery provides enough images and information about his work for you to understand his oeuvre.
Both images are from Broadbent Gallery.

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