Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Macro Pointillism ?


Julie Gross is another pointillist who uses a compass in her preliminary sketches. Her Website has a very nice video that gives so much insight by letting you see each part of her process. (If you don't have broad band, let the video load and come back to it - it's well worth your time.) Click on literature to read her concise and informative Artist Statement.

Pointillist ? Yes, Macro Pointillism. Think about it. Although she and the galleries that represent her may describe it other wise, I think it quite nicely categorizes a new genre that she and others have accidentally created. Fallon and Rosof , in a May 17, '06 Post describe her work as " . . inflated balloons, squeezing the air out of one another . . ". Either way, another artist has found her niche and is plumbing the depths of it; all for our entertainment and edification.

This image is from her Web Site. She's represented by several Galleries which are listed on the Links page.
Top image is from the Dec. 20 post on Joanne Mattera Art Blog and Joanne's coverage of the Art Fairs down in Miami. You really should check them out !
You'll really enjoy this VIDEO of Julie at work in her studio. It's wonderful to see the process.

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