Friday, March 20, 2009

Inkjet Pointillism


As you look at this image, one word comes to mind; pointillism. This is absolutely a new and updated version of that genre; completely undeniable. And yet the statement about Jeff Perrott's work never mentions that word. Maybe it's just too old fashioned to mention these old school ideas in these oh so contemporary, free wheeling times. Not calling a rose by it's name doesn't diminish the lovely smell. It's also fascinating that like other artists who try their hand at dots, he too experiments with words, letters and numbers.

Top image is from the Morgan Lehman Gallery, where he's on exhibit from Mar 15 - April 18.

This image is from the Barbara Krakow Gallery.

At the moment, Jeff's styles are pretty wide ranging. I do hope he'll stick with the pointillism; he's got a lot to offer in updating that genre.


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