Monday, March 30, 2009

The Artist's Studio

We see the final product at a gallery, in a magazine or on the Web, but it's rare that we ever get to watch the creative process or even get to look in the studios where they're birthed.

The John Annesley Company makes stretchers, supports and other related products and I learned several new things by visiting their site. What's really great is that they have a page to showcase the artists who use their products. Some of the artists have a link to a photo tour of their studio. There are over 60 studios that you can "visit". Some are expansive, while others are just another room in the house; and everything else you can imagine in between. Some are tidy and ready for company, while others are just a big mess. The range of differences here is enormous and entertaining. So fix a cup of coffee or tea, sit back and enjoy.

The picture of the stacked wood is from Tony King's studio set. I couldn't help but admire the sensibility of mixing the sizes of wood this way and making it so handy.
The two pictures below are from Lyn Jamie's set. Imagine having your studio on a bluff overlooking the ocean. . . .


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