Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Aaron Parazette

Here we have another artist who's interested in using words as the subject matter for his paintings. And he breaks them down into their smaller components, the letters, and allows us to just appreciate their existence by presenting them to us in a clean, light, bright colorful way.
Where would we be with out letters and words? But for a little while we can appreciate this visual song of praise for these humble, over used workhorses in our lives.

You can see more of his work by visiting his web site

Both images are from The top image is from one post and the bottom image from another post from their San Francisco Gallery Openings. I check their site daily to see what new shows have opened out there.

Please do visit their site. There's a trove of articles pertinent to you , the artist and much, much more.

He's currently showing at the Marlborough Chelsea until Dec. 8.
Check out the new paintings in the show HERE. SWEET !!

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harold hollingsworth said...

really like this work, nice highlight!