Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thomas Ingmire

It seems that whenever I come across an artist who just yanks my mind and makes me crave to see more of their work and study the methods of their oeuvre, that the trail runs cold too quick.

I came across some images of Thomas this afternoon and then this evening bumped into a few more. This image is from his Website where you'll find 11 images.. His site is nice enough, but I sure would like to see more and to learn about the story behind each one.

Just what is the thought process behind these fascinating works ?

When you go to his site, the index is spokes of a turning wheel. Double click on the menu item you want to see.

Here's another intriguing image from Friends of Calligraphy, but again not as much info as you'd like.

You also might want to go Here and snoop around.

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