Thursday, November 08, 2007

Abstract Pointillism

Andrew Forge

Most anyone, when asked about pointillism will immediately think of the time of the Impressionists. Hardly anyone even wonders if there was or is such a thing as abstract pointillism. Yes there is and it would be a wonderful thing if some Art Museum would do an informative show on it. Several years ago when I first started doing "research" on the net, this is the kind of art I was looking for and it's hard to find; mainly because they just don't describe it as abstract pointillism.

This first image "September” (1995-1996). Oil on canvas. 60” x 48”, is from an informative and insightful article in the Brooklyn Rail .

The next two images; "October" 1993-1995, and "Heavy Hemlocks II", 2000 are from the Betty Cunningham Gallery as posted on - where you'll find additional images.

Please visit the Betty Cunningham Gallery where you can see 22 images of his work. My favorite is "Snow" and "Untitled". Check it out.

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