Saturday, November 10, 2007

Kuno Gonschior

The All Mighty Dot
Well, maybe not a dot, technically, maybe a dollop or short brush stroke.
Anyway, paintings like this make me wonder if some of us artists are actually scientists; probing the universe at-large, looking for meaning instead of just facts.
Pointillism; wasn't that a science of sorts, breaking down a painting into it's smallest parts and yet keeping the whole?
It's always a bump in the road when you are with someone who has to ask "what is it?" when encountering an abstract or contemporary art work.
And what a pleasure to be with someone , on the other hand, who goes silent and studies the painting; open and willing to receive whatever message was intended by the artist.
In a way, aren't paintings like a message in a bottle cast upon the sea of life.
I believe that in the future they'll have equipment that'll be able to "read" paintings and decipher all kinds of information and meaning.
I am in awe of artist who can pursue a specific style/theme and make it their career, their oeuvre.

both images are from Kuno Gonschior's website.
It's not in English, the Works page is here.
He's also represented by the Stux Gallery.

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