Saturday, November 24, 2007

Mira Schor

If you've visited before, you'll notice some changes. My favorite artist list is now a link list so that you can instantly check out an image by these artists that I admire. The last name on my list this evening was Mira Schor.

I'm still always amazed when I encounter images like this. Just the thought that words or a sentence could be the sole content of a painting really does it for me.

The background to that thought is that maybe you're doing a realistic piece and there's a particular thought that you want to get across. You would use visual props and hope that people "get it". A way harder situation is abstraction. You've got this important idea and yes you can pull it off with visual cues, but mostly you'll probably have to rely on the title to get your point across. Well, here, the title IS the painting; "We are all naturalized citizens of the simulacrum".

In my own personal experience, it was very hard to break away from realism and cubism. Those were the only styles I knew. Well, let me re say that. I would emulate my artistic heroes at the time; Picasso, DeKooning and a few others. As I got further into abstraction I tried to find my own voice. What did I have to say ? Well there's always room for another pretty picture in this world but it's even better when those paintings have meaning. And so that's how I came to write in my paintings. First I was including the title and date, then random thoughts . . . . Finally there's that wonderful freedom of just writing, just letting loose and letting the thoughts flow, whether it's words, lines, colors, shapes - doesn't really matter.

As for Miss Schor, it sure is hard finding images of her work. Got any ideas ?

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