Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Contemporary Calligraphic Painting

Or should we call it Pwrainting ?

The big question of the day is - whats the best term to use for identifying work like this??
Your suggestions would be appreciated.

The image above is a work titled "Magical, Luxurious Denial".
When changing my tiny studio around I saw it was possible to set up some lights for picture taking. So this afternoon I further advanced the situation to facilitate any future photo sessions.

Been wanting to get some better pics of a couple paintings and also see how well my setup was working. But try as I might, it seems everything is off square just a touch. Guess I need to see if my camera has a grid or find one that does.
The above painting is titled "Roundelay" and contains a word puzzle in the top portion that reads - Certain that you were part of the play.

It's always fascinating to watch people react to this painting titled "Moron". Some try their best while others doggedly pursue it until they solve the poem correctly, which is - "Everyone is just exactly where they're supposed to be." And then, amazingly, there are those who will get it in a snap.


Anonymous said...

How about Calligraphics ? "Magical". keep up the work to perfect could be the new movement......after all, we are living in the "age of communication".

tackad said...

Been thinking a lot about your response and using the word Calligraphics. But that word only addresses the writing part and not the painting . . . .