Sunday, September 07, 2008

Contemporary Collage

Collage is a wonderful medium to work in. Everything is ready made, so it's just a matter of pick and choose. The colors are pre made and the lines already drawn and the realism done. This sets you free to be creative in many new ways.

In the Statement on her Web site,
Suzi Matthews explains how she came to do collage and why she specializes in numbers, words and especially letters. It's always a fascinating story how artists come to their oeuvre and hers is quite simple and compelling. Who knew that specializing in the collaging of text could be so varied and beautiful.

Both images are from the Morgan Lehman Gallery which has a dozen images of her work and in the BIO, she expands just a bit on how her oeuvre has changed.

Another source for images of her work is Apartment Therapy. Although there are a couple from the other sites, it's worth the click to see the different ones.

More and more I've come to notice that some artists use a process and try to intuitively allow that process to evolve into a work of art. Instead of projecting or producing a preconceived idea, they let the medium and the process take them on a journey.


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