Thursday, September 04, 2008

YEE - Haaaaaa

Just exactly how many different ways can you change the furniture around in a room that's 10' x 12', that serves as a bedroom, workout room and studio ??? - Way more than I ever thought possible. This last attempt is working splendidly and I'm going forward on a painting that I've stared at for several months. My little "studio" actually feels spacious. So it's a real joy to get "back to it".

And there's always been this pesky situation of - where do I photograph my paintings. A friend had given me 2 stands with 4 great lights - but, where to put them; in my room, of course, and that's where they are now and please consider this a test pic.

As per my oeuvre; there's an abstract background, then a few representational items (the house shape with the heart and the dark house shape with the orange roof), then the writing, then covering the whole thing with tracing paper, then a piece of second generation collage (which I see as a chimney with brown smoke coming out), then more writing and now the pointillist process. . . . . . . .
Please click image to enlarge.

The original poem underneath is;
If I told you that (said) I loved you
and didn't mean it,
would you cry
or wouldn't you notice,
because the words felt so good
in your gullet of a heart.
- - which is pretty rough.

So when the title came to me out of the blue - "Claims Of Insufficiency" - and I wrote it on the painting and applied the piece of collage; aaaahhhh

I was able to move on.


Anonymous said...

Riding home from an art club event, my traveling companion made an interesting observation. He said, "a lot of people paint, and many have achieved very high levels of technique and application skills, but they are not real artists."
He assumes that a real artist is a creator; a medium for a inner muse, who must be expressed, and whose expression stands by itself as individualistic as the artist. The result is not a copy of anything or anyone; it can only be viewed using the spirit, and man's natural wonderment of things from within.
Thanks tackad; for choosing to stand with us, on the outside of the "circle"; your work is fresh and exciting.

tackad said...

Wow - This has been SOME day !
Thanks . . .

Tanner said...

.....Good work Adeaner. You're really getting you "stuff" together.
I've always like you stuff, but I've learned that your "phases" are necessary also. Your art/ your passion.

If You're in the neighborhood next week, we'll go for "coffee"....

Thanks for keeping me up with what you're doing.....