Monday, September 08, 2008

More Collage

Going through my "Favorites" tonight: got so many folders packed with artists I want to share that it's past ridiculous. And each day as I check my Art news sites & Art Blogs, I'll come across an artist and save him to my Favorites for later. Tonight is one of those Laters.
By the way I am totally loving my Google Reader. Not everything works well on it (I gotta see pics !), but when you have over 50 Blogs to stay on top of - it really helps a LOT !

OK, back to art.
This is Emilio Lobato and the painting, titled - "Monument of a modern Ruin II" is from his page at the Nuart Gallery where they have a whopping 48 examples of his work.

By the way, I sent them an email letting them know that by far, they were about the best Gallery Web Site I can ever remember coming across. When it comes to concise and easy navigation and all the stuff you want right there without a bunch of clicks - well you've just got to check out their ARTISTS page !!

But I digress: it's all about Emilio !

He's also represented by the William Havu Gallery were you'll find many more of his oil and collage works.


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