Sunday, September 28, 2008

Odds & Ends

Just one of those nights when I should've gone to bed early, but instead I had a nice big Dagwood sandwich, a bowl of soup and some dessert. So now it's time to rummage through my tremendously packed Favorites file folders and see just what I've got in there.

This first item is just too cool - bone china that looks like used beer cans. You could do a whole post about this and all the different meanings. The image is Lei Xue "Drinking Tea" 2004-2008, bone china - from the Art Addict.

Next up:
This site was just a neat slice-o-life, for me. Lots of pics of different people with their Jack Russell Terriers. Pretty cool site - Suave Stylin Jacks

And finally,

this is what it looks like when a plane breaks the sound barrier by going faster then the speed of sound.

Image is from Randy Ward's Site.


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