Wednesday, October 01, 2008

New Beginnings For A Better Blog

Five hundred and some posts later I feel like it time to bump things up a notch. The goal is to add a third column and make this blog a better research tool. I've been questioning several things about this blog for a while now and wondering when and how to make some adjustments. Without boring you with the details, lets just say that I'd like to take this in two or three directions at once. So I hope you'll bear with me, cause this is what my brain feels like right now.

Looks like we've got a Cy Twombly Jr on our hands here. This is Philip Maltman and the image is from You can rest assured I'll be doing a thorough post on him in the near future and work out a compairison between HIM, Kikuo Saito and Cy Twombly.

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Anonymous said...

You can count on co-operation from Jr. especially as I am nearly 60. I will revisit and am fascinated by first view of Saito.
Philip M.