Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Big Fancy Dots

It's always great to "meet the artist", or in this case see who he is. And this is a great first impression. Meet Donald Traver. .

This image is from the First Thursday Gallery Openings in San Francisco,May '05 by Art Business.com. There are 4 installation shots of the show. This is a site I check frequently to see what's happening, Gallery Exhibition-wise in San Fran. Check out their main site and read all the great, helpful, encouraging articles.

To see images of work by Traver, you'll want to go to the Gregory Lind Gallery. Incredibly, they only have 4 examples of his work on His Page, so make sure you click on the two links to his previous Exhibitions at the bottom of the short Bio to see a wider range of his oeuvre.


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