Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Painting of Words


Even though this is what I search for all the time, there are still moments when I sit back and am just a little amazed that we're to the place, artistically, where we can do a painting with just words. Instead of realism or abstraction, the composition and content is completely and all about words/letters..
The works shown here are by Thierry Alet.
Can't tell you a thing about him; it's all in French. But I did want to show you a couple of images of his work - because, unfortunately you can't find these images on the site that hosts them. Go figure.
It's fantastic how these paintings draw you in. They're like a mystery that must be solved. We see recognizable letters and what seem to be words and so we try to get meaning from it. I'm sure these are French. But he does do English, as in the Dream Series.

Images are from the H. Heather Edelman Gallery.

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