Thursday, October 02, 2008

Just Not Feelin' It Yet

This is Sam Reveles and both images are from the CRG Gallery. Although they put a much better spin on it, to me he's just a big happy scribbler. And I see it as just that - somebody having a good time and making something pretty. Sometimes I'm really glad I didn't go to college and get my head filled with all that other stuff; glad that I can see it just like the average working man and appreciate the shear physicality of it.

This last year I've really come to appreciate that annoying question that common folk tend to ask when encountering an abstract or contemporary work of art - "What does it mean ?" I've tended to take for granted all my reading and studying and how it's helped me to understand the why of it all and forget that without that information some paintings can look downright silly, even preposterous. And even though it always boils down to weather or not you personally enjoy the work, I've come to understand that it's an honest question that deserves an honest simple answer. Yes there are reasons for paintings being important and it's helpful to have that information so that one can appreciate an artist's work on different levels.

Sam is also represented by Dunn and Brown Contemporary where they have installation shots from his exhibits.


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