Sunday, October 05, 2008

Pointillism, Divisionism, DOTS

Seems like there's a missing link here. We're all familiar with the first two terms, but when you enter the realm of just Dots, it's wide open; there are no parameters.

Came across this lovely image of "For Bernard Jacobson", 1979 by Howard Hodgkin at the Government Art Collection, UK. Aside from his loud simple abstracts, he's know for painting his compositions with the support in the frame so that his painting encompasses the entire thing. I hadn't really thought about his doing dots before.

Pointillism and Divisionism were very focused genres that delt with realism and it's abstraction using dots. When it comes to doing abstract pointillism or abstracts with dots, there's no cohesive approach among artists. It's completely wide open and each artist brings their own craft and mentallity to this area of expression.


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