Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Birthdays Back Atcha

Well, I ain't a teenager no more and I certainly don't set the timer on the camera and take a pose. But I am looking forward to celebrating another birthday come 4/10/08. Taking a couple of days off - not sure if it'll be two or three or the whole weekend.

But either way - I'm outta here !!!


ThisRenault 17 is probably the most favorite of all the 12 vehicles I've owned in my life.

1st car - Renault 16
Swerved to miss a car on a rain slick road and ended up spinning around and going down a hill backwards and across 3 lanes to hit the curb at the bottom and break my axel. Got that fixed and enjoyed it muchly. On the way back from one of several trips to Florida it died in SC and I thumbed home and later friends towed it home. The carburetor was busted and it sat in the garage. Came home one day, and with a big smile my mom took me out to the garage and told me to crank it up; she had glued the carburetor back together. It actually worked.

#2 - Triumph Harold
Every time we made a sharp left turn I'd have to grab onto my girlfriend so she wouldn't fly out cause her door didn't latch. That was always good for a laugh.

#3 - VW Sunbug Convertible
The only new car I ever owned. Took a two week vacation and drove it out to California and back. Saw the prairies, Bad Lands, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Reno, Las Vegas, San Fran, Redwood forest, swam in the Pacific, Los Angeles, Grand Canyon, St Louis and a bunch of states too numerous to mention.

#4 - Peugeot
When I moved to PA to manager store, also got a mobile home and remodeled it - one night it dawned on me that I had too many bills. So I traded my VW Sunbug in at a used car lot for the Peugeot and some cash. L O V E D it. But then I rolled the thing and totaled it.

Yup ! That's the windshield in the passenger seat.

#5 - Renault 17
I was stylin in this thing. Took a four day weekend and drove up to Niagara Falls, up through Canada and then down through Sou St Marie. But then on the way back from a tennis game with my buddy, one night, we crashed. Wasn't all that bad, but enough to total it. All tree accidents were with the same insurance company. But 3 was enough and they canceled me.
I think that was my favorite. It's a toss up between it, the Sunbug and the Peugeot.

#6 - Ford Fairlane (older)
My first American car. I used this for a while and it got me to Georgia and eventually just died.

#7 - green Dodge Pickup
Pretty cool till my friend and I did a tune up on it, put the plug wires back wrong and bent 6 push rods.

#8 - used VW
Got me around for a while. Kinda fun.

#9 - some big old used car - don't remember the brand. Just remember thinking I could work on it and fix it. NOT

#10 - Toyota Tercel - small tin can

#11 - Honda Accord - very nice, served me well

#12 - Ford Escort, 4 dr hatchback.

All stick shifts but two, only one new car, only 3 American made - ain't it great ?

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