Sunday, April 06, 2008

Cerebral Collage

If you don't see the face, squint your eyes.
Collage and more collage; we've all seen our share and have our preferences. It's something I've always enjoyed encountering, wondering what prompted the artist to do what he did.
But to me this is just a little different; actually way different. How simple and yet complex can you get ?
John Stezaker has several series in which he explores different ideas. This is from the Mask Series - "XXV". His concepts are just simply outrageous. In this series, you take an old photograph, a portrait and cover the face with a postcard. These are done well and are oh so thought provoking.
The image is from das artes plasticas. Once again - this Blog is just fantastic ! Lots of pictures and at the bottom is French text and the English text.
Here's the Link to the whole blog.

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