Thursday, April 03, 2008

Stefan Annerel

Here's another artist who's no stranger to bright, shiny color. If you happen to be in Amsterdam in May, you'll want to drop by Galerie Smits and see the two man show titled Duel. It was just last October that Stefen had his own solo show; you can see images from that show when you visit the link. He was kind enough to send me this new image of his work, along with the invite. This looks like several pieces stacked against the wall in the studio. Click for larger view.

There certainly is something to be said for works that are on Plexiglas or sheets of acrylic or that are made using resin. These mediums seem to propel the colors right at you; seem to house an inner glow.

Was having a great visit and conversation with an artist friend, Corky, the other day and was relaying how amazing it was to have a tiny peek at all the art work that's been made down through the years. We see the mountain peaks or crests of the big waves, so to speak, and just don't comprehend the vast sea of art work out there, where artist after artist influences another, like unending ripples. A tremendous amount of people have visited the same ideas and added their own solutions to that vast pool of knowledge. The more you see, the more you come to understand that many hands have stirred the pot.

For a really great shot of work in his atelier, go HERE.

And go HERE, to see great pics of his work. You get nice big enlargements when you click on the thumbs.

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