Monday, April 14, 2008

Disapperaing Flamingos

Had a great 5 day mini vacation in my hometown of Williamsport, PA to celebrate my birthday. As the days went by I realized just how crucial it is for me, personally, to get away now and then. Some people can handle the same routines. I'm one of those who need to get away and see things from a distance; someone who needs change.

If you take Rt 15 south through Williamsport and cross the new Market St Bridge and head thru South Williamsport, there's a very sharp left turn before you come to McDonalds. This house with the group of flamingos in the front yard and a large wooden one by the door (disguising the mailbox), is to your right, on that corner. Having passed it several times, it seemed foolish not to take a pic. So sure enough one afternoon I stopped, put on the flashers and got out and snapped a few. Admittedly these aren't all that creative, so the thought was to go back and try again. The next day I headed in that direction and couldn't believe my eyes. They were all gone. The mind started racing - surely my little visit and photo session had nothing to do with their disappearance. . . . . Maybe they're going to mow the grass . . . . .
At any rate, it was a strange sensation and quite fortuitous to have taken the pics when I did. And really ! How often is it that you spot a flock of 28 Flamingos ?
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