Monday, April 14, 2008

A Number Of Marks


My memory of encountering a work by Elizabeth Enders for the first time, was one of joyous shock. It was early on in my web searches for artists who used calligraphy or mark making in their work, and the discovery was a hoot and holler, happy one. Seriously, this kind of stuff really flips my switch.

Since then, of course, I've come to realize that these kinds of art and artists are not an anomaly. It's truly comforting to come across the kinds of works I enjoy, daily. In fact, anymore, my searches are almost a second hand, casual stroll. There's roughly 17 (sometimes more) art blogs and art news sites I visit daily. Usually there'll be something that catches the attention and I'll pursue it by visiting the gallery and looking at the other artists there or by Googling the name and then going off in other directions that way. And for some reason it always happens later in the evening and before you know it, it's midnight or close to it. But it's a wonderful way to end the day.

Since moving to Elmira/Horseheads, I've been surrounded by wonderful people who do realism. So there's always this struggle to get things to match reality. I much prefer paintings that are a reality unto themselves. For me, it's much more heroic to struggle making something like this than to get your pine tree just right.

The above image, "Untitled" 1998 is from the Clowles Gallery, where you'll find more tantilizing images.You'll want to check out their other artists like Charles Arnoldi and Roberto Juarez.


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