Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Neat As A Pin

At first glance it looks as though the artist is either just moving in, or about to move out; until you study the paintings. The paintings are finished. That's right, when it comes to applying paint, Ingo Meller doesn't spend a lot of time trying to cover the canvas. A few competent brush strokes and he's outta there. More about that later.
This post is about the studio; that sanctuary where art is born. The word conjures up different visions for each of us, but here we have a spare and sparse space that completely jibes with the artist's mental attitude towards painting. Kinda makes you wanna mess the place up a bit.
Image is from the Gallery, Slewe.nl as listed on Artnews.org.
When you visit Artnews.org, click on the major international cities listed at the top to see current exhibits from around the world. Also of interest is their lists of international galleries and artists.

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