Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Perfectly Perfect

Encaustic has always been such a mystical, magical medium. The atmosphere and depth and nuances that can be achieved are phenomenal. So it's always a pleasure to find someone who does it well and offers something a little different.

Betsy Eby is the artist, here, and as you can see, she takes her work seriously; crafting delightful abstracts that you could stare at for hours.

Both images are from, and you'll really enjoy visiting her WEBSITE. She has studios on both coasts and on islands, no less ! There's great reading, photos of her studios and images of her work.

For those of you who have studied or worked with encaustics, you'll really appreciate her oeuvre and the results she achieves.

Isn't this paining just perfect for this time of year ? Titled, "Honey" Encaustic on Panel, 24 x 48 · 2007