Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another Art Hero

Calligraphy and graffiti can be very ordered forms of gesture and writing. If we travel a little further afield, where mark-making, scribbling and writing converge, that's where we'll find Hans Staudacher. If you're unfamiliar with the man's work I've included plenty of links that will wet your appetite for more from this important artist.

Galerie Ernst Hilger has a 3 paragraph Bio that explains his oeuvre. As you look at the 19 images of his work, notice the dates and you'll more fully appreciate the influences in his career.

Galerie Gergersdorfer has 6 images Here, and 7 more Here.
You'll find another 8 images at the Judith Walker Galerie.
And for 4 totally huge enlargements of his work, Galerie Seidler has 3 0n This page and 1 at the bottom of This page


The top image is from jmcfaber.

The painting, from Galerie Gergersdorfer.

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Margaret Ryall said...

His work certainly has loads of energy and movement. You always show artists I have never heard of. My education continues.