Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cut, Drawn Lines


Seeing this image of Adam Fowler in no way prepares you for encountering his work.

Surprising and honest they are at once obvious and mysterious. Each piece starts as a gestural drawing using either pencil, graphite stick or graphite crayon. After the lines are made he removes the negative spaces in the drawings with an x-acto knife. Some works will have as few as 4 layers or individual sheets while others have as many as 74 layers in the finished piece. The lines differ in width and tone, relative to the drawing tool he used in the beginning.

He's represented by Margaret Thatcher Projects and several of the 13 images of his work are photographed from different angles to give you a better idea of the work involved.

Click the thumbnails on his Website for a generous enlargement; click again for a ginormous pdf version.

d.e.n. Contemporary has 3 images of framed work and here's a review from NYArtBeat.
Images are from artist's website.

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