Saturday, November 14, 2009

Colorful Scribbles


It's been a great privilege to watch several artists that I follow, change direction in their oeuvres. Just amazing to see the little morphs at first and then the full blossoming as their style grows and matures.

I'll have to admit that the early works of Gunther Forg are not my cup of tea; but these later pieces practically make me giggle with delight. There's something simple and childish and honest that makes you want to say "hey, look" to someone who's only into realistic art. Even though his new works seem very different(mush prettier and open), as you get an overview of his work, you can see that these are still connected to what he's always been about.

The above images are from Galerie Graesslin where they have so many images of all facets of his work that it's just incredible. Even though it's in German, you'll quickly figure it out and the information for each image is at the top. For a quicker overview of his work go to Galerie Filomena Soares where you can quickly scroll through 25 images - enlarging an image gives you the information. And 19 other and different images can be seen on one page at Contemporary Art Daily's coverage of his show at Galerie LeLong where you can see even more images and a pic of the artist.
I'll leave you with a video of the Vernissage for his Show at Zane Bennett Contemporary Art. They have 16 works from 2008 and some are different yet from the other sites.


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