Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Northern Perspective

From studying architecture, to working for a gold exploration project in the Arctic, to designing postage stamps for Greenland, Ina Rosing certainly has an interesting life to inform her oeuvre. Her mixed technique includes bursts of color and writing in the paintings. Although she uses crayons and spray paint, her passion is to - " . . . make the oil paint work in different ways and talk in different voices. My main concern when I paint is the paint itself. The colour and texture is more important to me than the subject matter." This partial quote is from her BIO at GV Art London. You can view installation shots of her Show, The Importance of Beauty and also view many more images of the work in the catalogue (pdf).

When you visit her Website, you'll need to other click and then choose "open link" to enlarge the thumbnails.

Image is from Amelia's Magazine.

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