Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Writing In Paintings

It doesn't matter whether it's readable or not, paintings with writing in them or on them attract me like a high voltage magnet. For me there's just something amazing about written words as content and composition.

Ludmila Pawlowska's oeuvre is at once masculine and yet there's no mistaking the feminine side. Maybe that comes from the feeling that her paintings are constructions rather than just brushwork. You'll find a beautiful blue painting and she describes her work Here.
She's represented by Galeri Elise Toft where you'll find 10 images.
Ludmila is also represented by the Tapper-Popermajer Art Gallery where you'll find 14 other images of her work.
You'll get a better picture of this interesting woman by wandering around her studio.

Top image from Galeri Elise Toft.

Bottom image from the Tapper-Popermajer art gallery.

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Margaret Ryall said...

I am very attracted to this work. I seems to have everything that draws me in. Once again you've sent me on a lovely journey of discovery this morning. You always find the most interesting artists and galleries.